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These bars are amazing!!!!!!! Quality ingredients you can taste without all the additives. I throw them in my fridge and have them handy whenever I feel a little bit of a craving coming on or if I canโ€™t get away from the office eat as snack. As a former bodybuilder, these are some of the best tasting bars I have had in along time..

Dr. Keith Davis, Chiropure Spine & Injury

7 thoughts on “Customer Reviews

  1. Amber Liegeot

    These bars are DELICIOUS! I have been looking for a quick, nutritious portable bar for so long. These are wayyyy better than any others I have tried. Great job!!!

  2. Lynnetta C. Stays

    I really love these bars. They did not disappoint me one bit. They were full of nuts, fruit and other natural ingredients specified. No preservative after taste. Just a whole healthy bar of goodness. There were no room for fillers. Just packed to the “T” of what was suppose to be inside. Excellent product!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  3. adellaro Post author

    Thank you so much for your comments and we are happy you enjoyed your ViBar experience! We look forward to assisting you in the future!

  4. Pud Greeson

    We just received our first order of ViBars. We ordered the assorted pack so we can try them all. I love the flavors and choices. We will be ordering more in the future. They are superb with the fresh natural organic ingredients. They are the perfect size to take with you in a bag or pocket. Not so large that you have to try to wrap half up for later.
    Please keep up the great job of making a superior product.
    I can’t express how pleased we are with these.

  5. Pico SB YouTube

    Top choice for bars, hands down. Simple, nutritious ingredients. You immediately can see the difference from the average big box brands. How you feel too, makes a big difference. Plus, I have been looking for a long time for a good bar without oats. These are all around good to go. As a pro skater, I throw these in my backpack for a boost when I need a break. Highly recommended. Shipping was real fast.

  6. Meg Silvestri

    These bars are AMAZING! Iโ€™m constantly on the go and looking for a satisfying and nutritional way to fuel my body. Not only are these delicious they are packed with nutrition. I would highly recommend these and will definitely be ordering on the regular!

    1. adellaro Post author

      Thank you so much for your review! We are happy you enjoyed our product and look forward to continuing to provide you with purposeful nutrition!


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